Wellness Services

WellnessAfter the condition has been resolved it is recommended that patients come in for regular checkups. For some patients this may mean once a month, while for others it may be once a year. It is important to catch any problems in the beginning stages instead of waiting for them to become debilitating. Irreversible tissue damage can occur if conditions are left untreated for too long.

Soft Tissue & Massage Therapy

Depending on the condition and extent of abnormality, as well as your response to treatment, different adjunctive therapies may be employed. These include acupressure point therapy, trigger point therapy, massage therapy, somatic therapy and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.

Therapeutic Exercise

Exercise for Life

Physical activity increases physical and mental health by decreasing blood pressure and body fat while increasing strength, immune system response and sense of well-being. Chiropractors know that exercise plays an important role in the overall health of their patients and encourage participation in physical activities. If you are over the age of 40 or have known health problems please consult our office before beginning any exercise plan.

Exercise for Injuries

Chiropractors often prescribe specific exercises to patients with injuries to the back, neck and extremities as an essential step in the recovery process. Stabilizing and strengthening exercises and stretches provide many benefits during all phases of treatment.
Earlier exercises prevent further deterioration and increase joint health. Later exercises are employed to increase stability, proprioception and strength which will protect the body from new injuries or the recurrence of previous issues.

Therapeutic Stretches

Therapeutic stretching helps prevent adhesions and scar tissue from forming after an injury. Beginning and maintaining a regular stretching program keeps tissues flexible, which maintains mobility and prevents new injuries.

Stretching programs are most effective when employed before any scar tissue becomes permanent.

Diet & Nutritional Counseling

Improving diet and nutrition is essential to maintaining overall health. Imbalances contribute to the incidence of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes and more. Doctors of chiropractic are extensively trained in the areas of diet and nutrition to further improve their patients’ health.

We can design personalized dietary programs to lessen the risk of developing life threatening conditions by making it easier to maintain the highest level of health and wellness you can achieve. Manchester, NH Dietitian on premises.

Lifestyle Modification Counseling

Lifestyle modification goes hand in hand with diet and nutrition, but encompasses much more than that. In order to improve your overall health you must modify other parts of your life. Years of unhealthy choices can show up in a variety of health related ailments. Eating fatty foods, smoking, dependence on medication in excess, poor posture and excessive soda, alcohol and coffee all have a cumulative effect on your health.

By assisting you in sorting through these small behaviors that can create huge health issues, we can provide you with helpful strategies to begin implementing a lifestyle change.