Kathy S is patient who has been coming to Zimmermann Chiropractic for approximately 8 months now. She came in with back and leg pain and states : “I’ve been to another chiropractor who was OK but Dr. Zimmermann is EXCELLENT, He is very tuned into the problem with patients discomfort and seems to pin point the areas causing the problem immediately. I’ve had pain for several years and I notice I’ve had much more relief with Dr. Zimmermann that I have with past treatments form physical therapy and other chiropractic treatment. I recommend him to everyone.”

Lorraine S is a patient who been coming to Zimmermann chiropractic for many years, she first came for neck and back alignment issues and had this to say: “I feel very comfortable going to Dr. Zimmermann’s office. The staff is always friendly and helpful with whatever questions I may have. They are always very courteous in making my appointments and changing them for me. Dr. Zimmermann is a wonderful doctor! He is always professional. He makes you feel very comfortable during sessions. He is always willing to listen to you and never rushes you. I have recommended Dr. Zimmermann to friends and family without reservation”

Kristen N. is a new patient who just started with us roughly 2 weeks ago. She came in with chronic neck and shoulder pain and also some low back pain as well, this is what she had to say: “I’m very happy with the care I have been receiving! Dr. Zimmermann is very pleasant and knowledgeable. I’ve learned a lot in the few weeks I have been a patient, ranging from anatomy of the body to explanation of my x-rays and MRI’s Dr. Zimmermann also was great while explaining and demonstrating solid “strength training” and core exercises in which he thought I would benefit in doing. Christine his Medical Assistant is great to, she is easy going and friendly which makes my experience as a patient much better.”

An anonymous patient wrote: “I have been coming to Dr. Zimmermann for two months now for headaches and neck/shoulder pain. Dr. Z is the best! I have seen to my doctor several times because of my headaches and neck pain and never did she send me for x-rays. Dr. Z ordered them at my first visit! My doctor always sent me to physical therapy which only made my headaches worse. Within three visits with Dr. Z I was already having less headaches. He tirelessly answered my numerous questions and never once made me feel rushed out of his office. Dr. Zimmermann is incredibly knowledgeable without being intimidating, he is the most approachable doctor I have ever had I highly recommend him.”

Dr. Z is the greatest, not only good a good Dr. but also a great listener.

– Dorothy W.

Did this chiropractor pay attention to your problem area?
Does this provider ever overbook appointments here?
No, They definitely believe in quality over quantity and allow more than enough time in between appointments
Did this provider leave you unattended for an extended period of time?
No, I was always attended to
Does this provider treat every client equally?
Yes, they don’t show favoritism
Were this chiropractor’s adjustments gentle?

Did this provider seem well-trained and experienced?
Absolutely, they were an expert!
Does the chiropractor customize their treatment to meet the needs of your specific condition?
Definitely! They customized their treatment for my condition, and it was very effective
Did your treatments with this chiropractor eliminate your need for pain medication?
No, but I need a lot less than before